Ask Nanners: Relationships (May 2017)

Hello, everyone! This week I did another Ask Nanners session – and this time it was all about relationships. If you missed out on asking a question just make sure you follow me on Facebook and Twitter so you can catch me next time!

(Some questions have been modified for clarity)

How do I become one with my beloved bananas? – Martin K
If you want to start a relationship with a piece of fruit I recommend you get a sharpie and give it some facial features, that way you have something to work with. That’s my advice – give it a face for you to talk to at least.

How would one combine both cats and bananas to create one amazing Nanacat? – Kris L
I don’t think felines are meant to be full of potassium – just cat food and catnip.

How do I find the perfect person to put the lotion in the basket with? – Kara J
Buy about $300 worth of chapsticks. Do your research first though, make sure you find a great product because you’re going to be buying $300 worth of this stuff. Make the right call on that. Start there, then find someone who appreciates your chosen chapsticks. The rest will work itself out.

How does one survive with a pregnant wife? I feel my days are numbered? – James C
Pretend you’re also pregnant! Then when you’re exposed you can throw your hands in the air, kiss your wife, and all will be forgiven. I’m sure of it.

How do you get the digits? – Bradley O
Maybe start a conversation first. Nothing too controversial, so stay away from the conversations about Trump. Forget the digits though. Carrier pigeon, it’s the only way to show you care. If you get don’t do this they won’t take you seriously.

Banana Jesus, what are your thoughts about plantains? – Victoria M
Not a big fan, I like just plain bananas. It’s the way Banana Jesus intend them to be.

I love my cat, but I think he wants to kill me. Every time I pet him he rolls over and acts like he wants some tummy rubs. But when my hand gets close he tries to kill me. How do you deal with your cats trying to lure you to your demise? – David T
You gotta tire your cats out! They’re not like dogs – when they roll over that means play time! So what I recommend is you get them really worked up, that way you can do whatever you want to them.

The ‘sex, marry, kill’ game. Your candidates are Sark, GassyMexican, and Hutch. Who dies, who do you make sweet love to and who will be your forever lovey-dovey sweetheart? – Daniel N
They all die! All of them. And I take over the world, but first I takeover their YouTube channels, and turn them all into drama channels!

I’m a “different” sort of person. Being someone who doesn’t see the appeal of hookups and would prefer an actual relationship how do I go about the rejections of relationships while dealing with people who only want hookups? – Dom J
Honesty. I think the older you get the more honest you’ll be with yourself and with other people. After that, things will sort themselves out in time.

Very important. How do I get my cat to stop rubbing her butt on me? I love your videos. Please help me. – Liz E
I think it’s a good sign! It’s their way of saying ‘you’re cool’. Unless you’re scared of cat booty.

From a person who’s never owned a cat, what would be different if I got a cat? – Elma A
It depends on the type of cat — what you will notice is how much you spend on cat food, kitty litter, and toys that break after one hour of play. But they are great.

My questions are how do you keep the excitement going and let the relationship continue to grow? Also, what are some fun things Cathy and you do together? And what do you suggest? – Julie M
Being excited about yourself is important, being interested in your own life, that helps people find you interesting too … you have to be interested in things for other to take interest in you.

Adam, How do I become best friends with SeaNanners? …asking for a friend. – Dustin B
Unless you want to talk about space in boring detail or something unequally uninteresting for hours… you may just want to walk away slowly.

If I or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure or asbestos related products, am I entitled to financial compensation? – Jason K
Seek legal guidance before or after you panic.

How important do you think it is to have the same things in common with the person you are dating like gaming and hobbies? Are you dating Cathy because her name has “cat” in it? – Michael T
For starters, it is not necessary but it’s awesome to have things in common. You learn from people who are different though, and they expose you to new things, which is a good thing!

My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, so one way we spend time together online is playing games. What would you recommend as the perfect game for us to bond/potentially scream at each other over? – Danni M
The perfect game? I don’t know. I can tell you it’s not Portal 2, because yeah… that game. Nothing where the risk of death is too great or you’ll end up breaking a controller or yourself. Stay away from Trouble in Terrorist Town too.

Have you got some advice about how to deal with a girlfriend who gets jealous of the (attractive) female gaming characters you also give some of your attention to? – Jorrit H
Look her in the eyes, blink slowly, and say ‘they don’t exist’.

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