Write for Us! (Closed)

Write for Us! has closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an article, if your work is chosen we will contact you over the next few weeks.

We’re giving you the chance to write for SeaNanners.com and have your story appear here on the site! When you’re trying to become a writer, getting your work noticed is half the battle. The other half is having something to write about, and both of these obstacles can often feel insurmountable. While we can’t help you find something to write about, the SeaNanners team is giving you a platform to let others hear what you have to say.

To help get you started, here is some basic information on what we’re looking for:

  • Article must be between 800 and 1500 words
  • Your article must fit into the SeaNanners brand (i.e. video games, streaming, tech, personal stories involving video games, etc)
  • Types of acceptable content includes (but is not limited to) feature stories, interviews, guides (even small ones – like a H1Z1 weapons guide), list articles, in-depth analysis of games or genres
  • No overly negative topics – if you want to write about an issue in gaming (i.e. online bullying in games), you should also strive to seek out a positive perspective (i.e. seeking help, playing with friends)
  • Anything stated as fact must be researched and backed up with evidence in the form of references provided at the end of the article. Likewise, opinions must be presented as such. Referential words do not count in the final article word count
  • SeaNanners.com has final editorial control over content and may adjust articles for length, grammar, and clarity
  • This is not a competition – no prize will be provided and writer will not be paid
  • Writers must be over 18 years old
  • Please specify if your story requires specific images, otherwise, we will supply generic images related to the story
  • The submission deadline is Sunday, April 30 at 11.59pm (PST)
  • Submit your article in the submission form below
  • We will contact the writers whose work we will be publishing

A note from our Community & Content Manager: Andrew Whitehead

Over a decade ago, I got my start writing about video games for local entertainment magazine back in Australia. I was tasked with writing about 300 words every week, so I’d usually write a small review of a new release game or preview of an upcoming title. From there I got my foot in the door and started working at a local newspaper that owned said magazine.

Years later my big break came when I had two short essays published in Game Informer Australia, which led to me being selected to help report on a video game convention in Sydney for the magazine. From there my freelance career took off, and now I’m here, doing this at SeaNanners.com – and I’m hoping that this opportunity can do the same for you.

I think of it this way – small opportunities can lead to bigger ones if you’re willing to take a chance. The reality is that writing is one of those things a lot of people start doing but never finish – so we’re giving you something every writer needs, a deadline. A real, honest, final deadline. Take it and use it to motivate yourself to finish, and if you do (and you’re selected as a writer we want to work with) we’ll work with you to give you honest feedback. Believe me, writers need both of these things – constructive criticism and a deadline to work towards.

Don’t just dream about writing about video games – actually do it. Good luck!


Andrew Whitehead is a journalist and writer with over thirteen years of experience in the media. He has written for Game Informer, Hyper Magazine, PC & Tech Authority, PC PowerPlay and worked for over a decade at APN News & Media, one of Australia’s largest media outlets.

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